Delivering the future of
mental health care through
innovative clinical tools

Our Solution

Personalisable, Virtual Reality based exposure therapy to assist psychologists with the clinical treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Targeting enterprise groups in the mental health care ecosystem, such as insurers & large clinical practices, our immersive therapy solution provides both a digital (VR and tablet apps) & hardware platform (VR headset, tablet & bio feedback monitoring wearable), alongside training & technical support.

Evidence Based

PTSD affects 600 million people around the world yet current treatments are often ineffective. PTSD is associated with a number of mental & physical health conditions, as well as a growing social & economic cost.

We’re building upon 20 years of peer-reviewed research to deliver an innovative VR-based tool that will enable psychologists to deliver effective exposure therapy to their clients with PTSD. Our VR based solution allows the psychologist to safely simulate the client’s original trauma in real-time, increasing PTSD treatment efficacy.