Delivering the future of mental health care through immersive clinical tools

Flintworks’ Immersive Trauma Treatment Platform

Virtual Reality Toolkit For Complex Mental Health

Personalisable Virtual Reality exposure therapy, empowering psychologists in the clinical treatment of trauma disorders such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Safer & More Effective

Augmenting current best-practice therapeutic techniques, our evidence-based solution provides a safer, simpler & more effective form of in-person exposure therapy

A Complete Turn-Key Experience

A complete, out-of-the-box experience, incorporating a VR headset, iPad & bio-feedback wearable, fully provisioned with our software platform that has been co-designed with the clinical ecosystem to seamlessly integrate into a diverse set of workflows

Evidence Backed

We are building upon decades of academic validation of immersive exposure as a more effective trauma treatment.

Learn more about the science underpinning the Flintworks Immersive Trauma Treatment below

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Developed With Clinicians, For Clinicians

Institutionally Supported By The Clinical Ecosystem

Our CEO, Dr Tia Cummins, is a clinical neuroscientist who has spent her entire career specialising in trauma & has deep connections to the trauma care ecosystem.

We are supported by two of Australia’s leading trauma experts, as well as a wide range of PTSD research institutes & mental health centres.

Clinician-Centred Product Development, backed by evidence

We’ve spent 100s of hours working alongside clinicians & clinical administrators to synthesise 20-years of academic research into a pragmatic, clinically viable toolkit that seamlessly integrates into a diverse set of workflows.

International Clinical Pilot Running Now

Our international pilot program is currently underway, with leading mental health centres in Europe and Australia collaborating with us to assess and enhance our Immersive Trauma Treatment Platform.  

If you are interested in learning more about our platform or pilot program, please reach out & we can organise a product demonstration.

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